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Prioritize building connections and community to energize yourself

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

I’m writing this on the plane home from Puerto Rico where I attended a conference for women and minority-identifying CEOs running values-driven businesses. And I needed the boost of energy and connection that I felt!

Puerto Rico is four hours ahead of Reno, and I expected to be exhausted getting up for a 4 am start time. But I experienced energy and aliveness fueled by human connection, not caffeine.

Like you, I attend a lot of professional conferences. And I spent years focused on the content, pushing myself to attend every session, and returning to my hotel feeling awkward, uninspired, and alone. Along the way, I realized that it’s the people who matter. Not for the sake of networking to get ahead, but because connections with like-minded and values-aligned people are lifegiving.

Even when I take exquisite care of myself, I can become depleted. I need people. I need human connection. And I need nourishment from meaningful interactions with people who share my vision and values.

And as a leader, you need the same things. You need to connect with peers who share your vision for caring for your team without depleting yourself. You need practical ideas to help you manage real-life challenges ethically and effectively. And you need a supportive community to remind you that no matter how alone or uncertain you feel, others are traveling your path and willing to walk alongside you.

You are invited to co-create a space for real-time connection with other members of the Menders community and me.

Season 3: Women in leadership

I had the honor of spending the past week with a thousand women leaders, including Dr. Mary Rensel, founder and CEO of Brain Fresh. Mary and I have known each other for a while but had never met in person. So, it was a treat! She has distilled her expertise in brain science and neurology into simple strategies to support leaders in caring for themselves and their people. And you’ll enjoy learning how caring for your brain will boost your leadership and networking skills!

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