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Hello, I'm Dr. Nicola De Paul

At Mending Health Systems, our mission is to provide leaders with the guidance and resources you need to create healthy and sustainable organizational cultures in the healthcare systems you lead.


Dr. Nicola De Paul, a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant, helps executive teams implement processes that drive positive change and foster a healthy working environment. She is committed to helping healthcare leaders create an environment of trust, respect, and collaboration within their organizations.

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Nicola De Paul, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicola De Paul provides organizational consulting, tailored leadership & employee well-being curriculum development, and transformational coaching to promote lasting organizational culture change.


Her early career years at the University of Washington's Packard-Gates Population Leadership Program taught her the fundamentals of transformational leadership development in our healthcare systems. Her doctorate work in clinical psychology (Seattle Pacific University, 2014), emphasized organizational strategies to promote employee well-being and her postdoctoral fellowship accelerated her experience coaching leadership teams (VA Puget Sound Health Care System, 2015).

She is a licensed clinical psychologist and has worked as a primary care psychologist, clinical trainer, supervisor/mentor, and leadership team consultant within the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA, since 2015). She is the principal consultant and founder of Mending Health Systems (est. 2022) and host of the Menders podcast. She is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

On a personal note, ​Nicola & her family relocated to Reno, Nevada in 2020 and they haven't looked back. When she's not working or podcasting, you can find her reading a book in her sun drenched backyard, playing with her four-year old daughter, walking her dog Sylvie, cooking with her husband, and exploring the food and coffee scenes in her town and around the world.  


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Ready to Invest in Leadership Development & Organizational Culture Change?

That’s why Mending Health Systems exists. We are a consultancy that specializes in helping healthcare organizations invest in their people through leadership development and employee-well-being programs. Dr. De Paul is dedicated to helping your organization reach its goals.


I'm always excited to get to know other healthcare leaders on this journey to care for ourselves and our communities. Let's connect.

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