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Hello, I'm Nicola De Paul

I’m a primary care psychologist, transformational coach, and workplace culture & well-being consultant for healthcare leadership teams.

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Nicola De Paul, Ph.D.

I'm Dr. Nicola De Paul. I specialize in helping leaders who manage primary care departments and small ambulatory care systems better care for themselves and their employees. In real-talk, this means that I help you take your people metrics (workplace satisfaction, employee engagement, burnout, well-being, and turnover) from not-so-hot to outstanding! 

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have worked as a primary care psychologist and leadership consultant within the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) since 2014. I am also the principal consultant and founder of Mending Health Systems (est. 2022) and host of the Menders podcast


Prior to becoming a psychologist, I spent several years at the University of Washington, where I was struck by the power of building human capacity through leadership development in our healthcare system.  

I’m originally a Seattle girl, and I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on organizational behavior and employee well-being from Seattle Pacific University (2014). I completed my postdoctoral fellowship training at VA Puget Sound Health Care System (2015). I brought my interests in leadership development and employee well-being together as a post-doctoral fellow and have worked with leadership teams ever since! 
I believe in the importance of community and evidence-based practice as a psychologist and consultant. I am an active member of learning organizations that keep me sharp. These include the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

On a personal note, ​my family relocated to Reno, Nevada in 2020 and we haven't looked back. When I'm not working or podcasting, you can find me reading a book in my sun drenched backyard, playing with my four-year old daughter, walking my dog Sylvie, cooking with my husband, and exploring the food and coffee scenes in my town and around the world.  

Work with Me

Ready to Invest in Your People

Investing in your people is the smartest and most cost-effective move you can make for your healthcare organization.


Once your people are happier, you’ll have higher-quality patient care outcomes and save your organization money by reducing high-cost but low-quality care and employee turnover. Win. Win. Win. 

I provide team-based coaching, consulting, and curriculum development services for leadership teams managing large complex primary care departments and small healthcare systems.


With questions or interest in a collaboration, please contact me at

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Inspire Change

You can't force change. But you create an unstoppable chain reaction when you get in touch with your core values and align your actions with the real-life stuff that actually matters most to you and your people. 




Well-being is a both-and kind of a thing. You've got to commit to a people-first perspective. Care for yourself. Care for your people. Match your actions to what matters. And presto, you're on your way to creating sustainable well-being.


I'm always excited to get to know other healthcare leaders on this journey to care for ourselves and our communities. Let's connect.

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