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Work With Dr. De Paul

At Mending Health Systems, Dr. Nicola De Paul's mission is to ensure that clinician well-being is at the forefront of healthcare organizations. She offers consulting and organizational development services that are tailored to each client. She offers evidence-based strategies and the most up-to-date solutions for clinician well-being. She is committed to helping healthcare leaders put their employees first to create a culture of wellbeing and engagement, which ultimately leads to the high-quality patient care you want for the people you love most.


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Ann Schaeffer, DNP, 

Faculty Lead,

Frontier Nursing University

"Thank you, thank you for an amazing hour last night talking about teamwork and team leadership! 
I've already heard from several attendees how helpful, interesting, and inspiring you were."
Elizabeth Parsons, M.D., Faculty, Pulmonary Care & Sleep Medicine, WA
“Our collaboration started 5 years ago!
You have left an indelible mark on the sleep department in the very best way – by kindly and gently guiding us to be more patient-centered and think outside the pulmonary box.”

Burton Kerr, Ph.D., Chief of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care, WA

“Thanks for your outstanding work with our annual survey.
Your efforts there and follow-up reminded me of the importance of taking care of our greatest resource – our people.
It influenced our leadership to consider goals regarding wellness.”
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