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Mending Health Systems

Nicola De Paul, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Healthcare Systems Consultant

Create Transformation Magic

Working to transform your healthcare 
workplace can leave you discouraged and confused. And for most leaders improving employee satisfaction and engagement feels anything but magical. 
You need the right tools. An evidence-based strategy. A connective community. And steady guidance and support as you make daily changes to transform the long-term health and happiness of your healthcare system.

Master the Art of Leadership Rounds Without Intimidating Your People

Level Up Your Listening Skills and People Engagement

Three Questions to Get Your People to Talk

You'll learn the three most effective questions to ask to get your people to share openly about what they are really experiencing, what they need, and what you can do differently to easily engage your team and build psychological safety.


Three Steps to Stop Intimidating Your Team

You'll learn a simple three step strategy to build connection and openness by lowering the power differential between you and your people. You'll be able to walk into any clinic and engage in honest conversation instead of watching your people run and hide when they see you coming.

Night Sky with Stars

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Empower yourself

Ready to focus your energy on actions that are going to give your people a boost? Motivated to learn more about the strategies you can use to create meaningful change? 

Take a moment to introduce yourself and let me know what you're struggling with. We'll put our heads together and make a plan to support you. 


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