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Stop Ignoring Leaders' Well-Being...Ahem That Means You

You may be wondering, "does my well-being matter?"

Employee burnout is a hot topic, but I want you to check in with yourself and consider where you are at in terms of burnout.

The statistics show that most of us will experience burnout at some point. And 22% of healthcare leaders are experiencing severe burnout symptoms right now (The Healthcare Executive). I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there. And from what I’ve heard from others, you may be sick and tired of talking about burnout. So, why am I bringing it up again?

When we ignore our well-being or red flag warning signs of burnout and focus exclusively on the job to be done or our employees’ level of burnout, we miss the more subtle impacts of leadership burnout. Burnt-out leaders are more vulnerable to falling into survival-based communication patterns. We start shutting down communication pathways and get caught up in making decisions without taking the time to ensure that our whole team is aware of our rationale for the decisions we’re making.

It is tempting to put our heads down and work harder to get ahead of our burnout. But working harder and longer will always be a failing strategy.

Taking the time to slow down and acknowledge your needs for self-care, pleasure, or a break may feel selfish or inconvenient, but believe me, it is the most selfless thing you can do right now. And prioritizing your self-care is always worth the effort.

Candid Conversations

A complimentary well-being workshop for your team.

A question I ALWAYS get when I host workshops is, “how can we get executive leaders and frontline clinicians in the same room to have this conversation?” So that’s exactly what I’m now offering! If your community would benefit from some help to get the ball rolling as you work to improve the quality of your workplace, reach out to me to schedule a complimentary well-being workshop!

10-Step Framework to create employee engagement & well-being.

Do you want to learn more about the framework I use to help healthcare leadership teams rejuvenate workplace relationships and address causes of friction to boost collaboration and well-being in their departments? The “How To” season of Menders will walk you through ten essential steps that all healthcare leaders can use to transform their teams with ease. Set a calendar reminder because the entire season will drop on January 1st!

Women leaders’ perspectives on creating healthcare transformation.

This week I had the opportunity to dig into self-care from a health coaching perspective with Karla Cauldwell, who shared the power of leaders modeling health behaviors and her top tips on working with healthcare leaders to pivot towards caring for themselves and making tiny changes to accomplish major life goals. The women in leadership season will drop gradually starting in mid-Jan.

A favorite from the Menders' archives.

If you missed hearing from the king of self-care and fabulous boundaries himself, check out my conversation with Anxiety Master Coach and self-care ninja Ramses Rodriguez.

Take care!


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