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It's time to find out what's giving (or draining) your employees' energy!

What’s giving you energy right now?

I’m a maximizer, so for me, helping others develop, grow, and reach their fullest potential lights me up!

Right now, I’m working to maximize healthcare leaders.

My goals are to help primary care leaders better understand the needs of their clinical employees and to empower healthcare leaders to create meaningful change to promote well-being at the local level.

I’ve been doing this work with public sector clients since 2015 and I am always impressed by the transformation that healthcare leaders create by taking the time to ask their people what they need.

Leaders may not always know how to meet their employees’ needs at first, but we if you take the time to listen and understand what is energizing or draining them, you can go a long way toward creating trust. And, understanding the challenges your employees are experiencing empowers you to make a plan that helps you address their concerns and transform your teams.

In the attached video, I showcase some of the impacts of my work with one of my favorite teams!

If you’ve been thinking about conducting a well-being assessment of your own team, now is a great time to listen, learn, and create change.

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