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I Gave Up My Bonus in 2022. Here's Why!

I've been thinking a lot about the themes of boundaries, personal responsibility for well-being and burnout, and workload impacts recently. And let me tell you, working harder and over-the-top self-care are both losing strategies when it comes to addressing burnout.

How do I know? Because I have burned myself out. And when I was burnt out, I struggled to provide good care because I was worn, ragged, and dragged down by feeling sorry for myself and frustrated with my system.

So that’s why when the requirements to earn a bonus changed last year (yep, I'm still a primary care psychologist too!), I told myself, “I’ll pass on the bonus this year.”

Instead of ratcheting up my clinical hours, I doubled down on the elements of my role that I find most meaningful and energizing. Training. Coaching. Mentoring. And I doubled down on my boundaries. No lunch meetings. Consistently left on time to pick up my daughter.

And I have flourished as a result.

We cannot balance systemic challenges like poor reimbursement rates by demanding more efficiency from our healthcare providers. The math will never work out. So, take a moment to consider what you can do to thoughtfully navigate patient access while balancing clinicians' workload and well-being.

Together we can transform the system!


  • BONUS Season of Menders

I'll be dropping a BONUS season of Menders in early January. This HOW TO season will walk you through my 10-Step Framework to create transformation and employee well-being within your healthcare team and organization.


I've been recording with amazing women leaders, and I cannot wait to share our conversations with you! Dr. Sahana D’Silva and I explored the intersection of gender and leadership. And Colleen Camenisch and I dug into the role of mindful leadership in promoting physician well-being. Stay tuned for more!

Please don't wait for January. Learn more about how to honor your internal value within the healthcare system by listening to my conversation with Dr. Cindy Rubin, pediatric primary care physician, today!

  • Systemic Stress Management for Managers Coaching Series!

Join me today if you are a nurse manager, clinic manager, or unit supervisor struggling to manage organizational stressors such as burnout, misaligned policies, interpersonal conflict, or poor communication. I will demystify the process of creating a Best Place to Work!

  • Want to Start Transforming Your Team at a Live Event?

Bring your team of executives or frontline providers to the next live and interactive masterclass: Real-Talk About Burnout: How to Avoid Three Mistakes to Transform Your Team! We'll explore the reality of burnout from multiple perspectives and transform how your team responds to burnout today!

Join us LIVE: Wednesday, December 14th, from 1130 -1300 PST

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