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Engage your employees through self-awareness & internal messaging

Could you take a moment to think about your impact on those around you?

I received a request to complete a 360-degree leadership evaluation of a colleague this week. I was a bit flummoxed and was not sure how to respond because the truth is that this individual is one of the least self-aware people in my network. And I’m honestly not sure how to provide feedback in a way that will be helpful. I’m tempted to delete the email, but I probably won’t.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation too. Or maybe you’ve been the leader in the hot seat who missed the impact you were having on a colleague or team member.

I’ve certainly been there. I can think of a moment in a meeting where I watched a colleague dissolve into tears and learned later that her distress was because of something I had said. I was mortified that I had not been aware of the impact of my words.

A lack of self-awareness is one of the most harmful attributes we can bring into our work as leaders. And conversely, self-awareness is one of our most potent but undervalued tools.

None of us are perfectly self-aware all the time. And that’s fine. We’re human. But when we slow down and allow ourselves to be curious about our impact on those around us. It allows us to engage with greater intentionality and thoughtfulness.

So, with a commitment to self-awareness in mind. I want to invite you to do one thing to step towards greater self-awareness this week.

Maybe that’s stepping towards a challenging conversation or asking for painful feedback.

Or maybe you’re ready to commit your team to a Well-Being Incubation Experience.

Small, committed actions are the only way to change the world.

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You can engage your employees through your internal messaging.

Healthcare organizations have a unique opportunity to consider their internal customers (employees). Healthcare has traditionally looked at its external customers (patients and payors) and ignored what it can do to shape employees’ experiences through internal messaging. Take a moment to let go of the business operations of your healthcare organization and consider what you can do to engage and retain your employees from day one of the employee journey.

Carley Trotman is a communications and employee engagement strategist and founded the CarTam Project.

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