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Empower BIPOC and BIWOC people to create supportive spaces

What is your organization doing now to support women of color and BIPOC employees?

I had the privilege to sit down and chat about this question with Dr. Jessica Chen. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in health equity research. I loved hearing how she applies her understanding of health equity to how institutions care for their employees.

Also, is there a discrepancy between how we're treating employees and patients? Dr. Jessica Chen and I explore why this can happen in healthcare.

I love seeing the supportive antiracist patient programming that is being developed. But if we do not care for our BIPOC employees, can we create a supportive antiracist healthcare system?

Listen to her top tips on how healthcare leaders can empower their BIPOC/BIWOC employees to create supportive spaces. Hint, she recommends you start by recruiting people of color or other marginalized identities who specialize in creating safe and supportive spaces to join your organization!

Let’s celebrate and empower the people already doing the work!

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