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BOGO + Why You Need A Framework

Last week I met with a well-being champion who reached out because she was overwhelmed trying to create change in her system.

Her team members tend to isolate themselves in exam rooms, focused on getting through patient encounters. But at a recent holiday party, she watched people connect, which renewed her hopes to foster community and better work culture.

She brought a jumble of ideas to our conversation. Should she host community engagement potlucks? Guide her team through the Listen Sort Empower exercise? Or conduct a well-being survey?

We sat down and put all the options to the side for a moment. Then, we walked through my simple framework to focus on making high-impact moves at the right time. Engage. Listen. Respond.

Once the framework was in place, her next moves became clear, and she felt relief.

A structured process will give you the confidence to ask painful questions, advocate for new ways of doing things, and creatively address employee challenges in a values-aligned way.

Cultural change takes courage and commitment, but the process should not feel like a blind leap of faith.

Here's to creating transformation!


p.s. If you’re looking for a structured process to guide your efforts to renew your workplace, Systemic Stress Management for Managers was designed for you!

Systemic Stress Management for Managers is on sale (Apply now to register yourself & a colleague for $2495) through midnight PST on Monday, November 28th!

Systemic Stress Management for Managers will walk you through an evidence-based roadmap to reduce system-wide vulnerability to burnout, turnover, and interpersonal conflict to build a resilient and joy-filled healthcare workplace.

Systemic Stress Management for Managers will provide you with support from a coach (me) and a like-minded community so you can confidently address systemic stressors and generate well-being to enhance the functioning of your whole care team. Systemic Stress Management for Managers will give you the clarity and confidence you need to transform your clinic or department into A Best Place to Work that is Fun to Manage!

10 session series runs between January 11 - March 22, 1300 - 1400 PST

Rate: $2495 for TWO participants (must complete an application by midnight PST on 11/28/22)

The How To season will introduce you to my 10-Step Framework to create transformation and employee well-being within your healthcare team and organization.

Women in Leadership Season of Menders

This week I interviewed Carley Trotman and am excited to share her practical tips to help you transform how you communicate with your employees! Stay tuned for inspiring and down-to-earth conversations about gender, race, leadership, and employee engagement with women leaders!

Bring your team of executives or frontline providers to learn a common language to talk about burnout at the next live and interactive masterclass: Real-Talk About Burnout: How to Avoid Three Mistakes to Transform Your Team! Wednesday, December 14th, from 1130 -1300 PST.

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