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5-Steps To Boost
Well-Being in Your Healthcare System

An Easy-to-Use Organizational Well-Being Assessment

The Mini-course includes a Video ($350) + Workbook (free download)

Address Threats to Your People's Safety

You'll get clear on what well-being looks like in a healthy healthcare system. And you'll finally know what to do to address the daily challenges getting in the way of your people's safety and happiness at work.


Break Well-Being Into Achievable Action

You'll leave confusion behind and prepare to take achievable action to improve the well-being and quality of life of your people. You won't need to guess anymore. You'll know exactly what to do to make a difference. 

Green Leaves

5-Steps to Health System Well-Being


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Starry Sky

Create Transformation Magic

Grab a coffee. Download the worksheet. Play the video. Borrow your kiddos crayons. And get ready to make bold and courageous moves towards well-being today.

Organizational Well-Being Roadmap

Focused action. Sustainable results. For your Whole Care Team.
The Organizational Well-Being Assessment will help you to evaluate where you're at.

And you'll learn 27 effective simple (but maybe not easy) actions to help your people thrive! 

Engage Your People

Get new ideas about how you can engage all of your people and diversify your decision-making team to create people-first cultural transformation.

1 - Maximize Leadership Team Buy-in

2 - Cultivate Community Engagement

3 - Elevate Historically Underrepresented Community Members

Two-Way Communication

Learn how to speak your people's language. Take focused action to create effective two-way communication so that you finally "get" your people’s challenges. 

4 - Develop & Implement a Diverse Listening Toolkit

5 - Commit to a Consistent Listening Rhythm

6 - Validate Your Community’s Distress & Desires

Responsive Empowerment

Learn how to empower your people and respond to their needs in real time. Get the right supports in place and empower your people to create well-being.

8 - Collaboratively Identify & Implement Supportive Policies

9 - Empower Your Frontline to Create Positive Change

10 - Systematize a Responsive Feedback Cycle