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Mending Health Systems

Nicola De Paul, Ph.D.
Leadership Development
& Employee Experience

At Mending Health Systems, we understand that staffing challenges are the most critical problem facing healthcare systems today.

Dr. De Paul has the expertise to help you prioritize and improve your staffing strategies, engage your workforce and ultimately, improve patient care quality. She has a track record of success in helping organizations identify and address their most pressing staffing challenges. She is passionate about helping you create a better future for your healthcare system.

9 Steps to Keep Your People

Employee disengagement and turnover are expensive problems for healthcare organizations. When staff become disengaged, patient care quality and productivity go down, while complaints and quit rates go up. But here's the good news. Healthcare leaders who are committed to making a difference can successfully re-engage employees. 

You can make a difference in your healthcare system by following my nine-step framework to re-engage your staff while improving your financial bottom line. 

Engage Key Stakeholders

1 - Maximize Leadership Team Buy-in

2 - Cultivate Community Engagement

3 - Collaborate with Historically Underrepresented Staff

Build Psychological Safety

4 - Develop & Implement a Diverse Listening Toolkit

5 - Commit to a Consistent Listening Rhythm

6 - Address Barriers to Psychological Safety

Take Values-Aligned Action

8 - Modernize Leadership Practices

9 - Empower Your Frontline to Create Positive Change

10 - Advocate Up to the Highest Level Decision Makers 

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